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Winston Pereira

1. What's the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

=> From the mentorship programme I have received a kind of direction and clarity about what I would want to do in the future and how I’m supposed to go about it while tackling my present student life difficulties and balancing it with my hobbies and talents.

 2. How would you describe Take Charge in one word?

=> Guidance

 3. What's your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey? 

=> The best memories I’ve made in my Take Charge journey is sitting and reliving my and my mentors past life events in the form of stories shared with one another and learning more about each other in the process.

4. How has the Take Charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

=> It has given me a kind of direction to proceed in and a sense of clarity as to what I need to do further with my life. It has made me realise my shortcomings and how to deal with them and use them to prepare a bright way for my future. 

5. Why should your friends apply to Take Charge? 

=> Well, sometimes even if you have your entire life laid out in front of you or decided, you will still need the expertise and guidance of a person who is experienced in the same field and who has seen the working of this field from within and aced it. It will give a sense of clarity and remove any kinds of doubts or deviations you have and motivate you to better yourself at what you want to do.

Winston Pereira

Mentor : Dr.Leela Francisco


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