At its core TAKE CHARGE is a one-to-one community-based mentoring model. Along the way, structured elements of support are provided to Mentors during the 18-month journey which includes activity suggestions, monthly check-ins by the Program Coordinator, meet-ups designed for Mentees and conference calls to give Mentors the platform to share their experiences with fellow mentors. These structured elements are designed to help both Mentors and Mentees make the most of their one-to-one mentoring experience.


Catholic Youth
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to achieve possibilities
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Mentor Me India (MMI) was founded in early 2013 by a Harvard-India team passionate about expanding opportunities for children from low-income communities. Their mission is to help children reach their full potential by supporting enduring one-to-one relationships with strong role models.

MMI was inspired by organizations like the US-based Big Brothers Big Sisters that have demonstrated, for over 100 years, that one-to-one mentoring can positively impact children’s lives. Their pilot program kicked off in 2013 with 30 mentor-mentee pairs, where the mentees were girl students at a low-income public school in Dadar. Encouraged by the success of the pilot, they have expanded to other low-income schools, orphanages and shelter homes. So far MMI has been able to successfully match over 400 mentor-mentee pairs across 12 centres in Mumbai. For its second year mentoring program, Take Charge has partnered with Mentor Me India to deliver this program to our mentors and mentees. The Take Charge-MMI collaboration is strongly committed to empowering you on your journey as a mentor, and to ensuring that both you and your mentee get the best possible outcomes from the next 18 months


At its core Take Charge is a one-to-one community-based mentoring model. However, along the way, structured elements of support will be provided in your 18-month journey which includes activity suggestions, monthly check-ins with by the Program Coordinator, meet-ups designed for your mentees and conference calls to give you the platform to share your experiences with your fellow mentors. These structured elements are designed to help you and your mentee make the most of your one-to-one mentoring experience.


“True education does not consist merely in the acquiring of a few facts of science, history, literature, or art, but in the development of character.”

- David O. McKay

Take Charge has a holistic approach to mentoring. Because we want our mentees to become well-rounded individuals, we have defined four objectives for all your mentoring relationships.


Academics plays a critical role in the age group that your mentee belongs to. We believe that our mentees have different academic capabilities and aspirations that mentors can identify and set their mentees in the right direction with a lot of encouragement, especially to pursue non-traditional curriculum choices. Mentors are encouraged to focus on:

  • Discussing the benefits of higher education and its direct linkage to jobs

  • Assisting in inculcating strong study skills, effective study and time management plan

  • Developing responsible self-study habits

  • Providing tactical academic support on specific topics to help the student perform better

  • Motivating the mentee constantly to perform well


While academics plays an important role, we believe that a key factor in shaping a successful individual is his/her personality. This includes aspects like self-confidence, self-awareness, positive outlook and communication skills. Some specific aspects are:

  • Improvement in basic social skills and etiquette

  • Exposure to new and varied experiences and perspectives

  •  Inculcate values of responsibility and diligence

  • Develop language and communication skills

  • Develop an awareness of the world, including social issues

  • Build a strong sense of citizenship


Many of our mentees may not have adequate support and guidance from their family and friends, which is why the role of the mentor becomes pivotal in their lives. This one-to-one mentoring opportunity will provide mentees with a role model, a trusted friend and a guide. As a mentor you can provide strong individual support by:

  • Building a relationship based on trust and good will

  • Understanding the mentee’s hopes, aspirations, needs, issues, challenges, strengths & weaknesses

  • Sharing personal experiences and life learnings

  • Creating a burning desire to excel


With numerous options available to the mentees today, the program aims at helping them make well-informed choices on their future careers. As a mentor, you can empower your mentee by:

  • Discussing his/her career aspirations and share information based on interest & aspiration

  • Providing him/her with necessary exposure to help make a well-informed decision

  • Developing skills specific to job search (i.e. interview skills, CV writing)