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As mentioned in the Take Charge mission statement, we truly believe that every young person is a genius in his or her own unique way and that a mentor can be an excellent catalyst and role-model for our mentees. We are keen to continue to empower Catholic youth of Mumbai to achieve possibilities way beyond their current aspirations.

Last date to register is 31st May 2024 for Take Charge 6


Enrolment of mentees takes place whenever we start a new cohort. Based on current plans, our fifth cohort will graduate in February 2024 and we will start the sixth cohort in June-July 2024. The outreach to enrol new mentees will commence in March 2024 since we have multiple steps in the mentee selection process.


The criteria (subject to change) for applying to be a mentee is listed below:

  • You need to be a resident of Mumbai.

  • You need to be a baptised Catholic.

  • You need to be aged between 16 and 24 years as on 30 June 2024.


We partner with Church communities, Diocesan educational institutions, Diocesan Youth ministries, The Examiner Press and various organizations to identify youth in Catholic communities where students would benefit most from having a mentor. Please do look out for announcements in your parish, The Examiner and in various communities in the first quarter of 2024 regarding applications for the sixth cohort.


The selection process for mentees will consist of the following stages:

  • Screening of applications to ensure they fit the above criteria.

  • Phone interview to assess the genuineness of the application.

  • All applicants will need to attend a familiarisation workshops so that mentees are fully aware of the program and are excited to join. A similar familiarisation workshop will be held for parents of the mentee applicants.

  • Applicants will then be interviewed by one of the Take Charge mentors, in person or by video conference.

  • Shortlisted applicants will need to make a token donation to St Joseph Educational & Technical Training Trust (who are running the Take Charge program)

  • Mentoring will commence with induction programs during June-July 2024 where you will meet your mentor and begin the process of getting to know each other. Your parents will also be able to meet your mentor, jointly with you, so that they can share their expectations from the program with your mentor.


  • You are expected to meet your mentor at least once a month at a time and place mutually convenient to both of you. Ideally all meetings should be in person, subject to any covid or other restrictions, or on video conferencing. It is critical that sessions are held regularly for this program to work. We recommend that mentees create goals, covering some of the areas listed above, once comfort levels are built, so that there are tangible outcomes from the mentoring process. If you do not meet your mentor for 3 consecutive months without a strong and genuine reason, you may be dropped from the program.

  • We will have several training programs and workshops on topics that are interesting for or suggested by our mentees. While attendance is recommended and not compulsory, you need to attend at least 3 workshops to successfully graduate from the Take Charge program. 

  • We encourage you to play an active role in your buddy group community, so that you bond with other mentees and do fun things together as a small group of mentors and mentees

  • You must be prompt in responding to messages, emails, calls from the Take Charge team.

  • Certificates of participation in the mentorship program will be awarded to mentees at the graduation ceremony only on completion of the entire program to the satisfaction of their mentor and the Take Charge team.


Last date to register is 31st May 2024 for Take Charge 6
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