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Simeon Fernandes

1. What’s the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

The biggest benefit I received from Take Charge Mentorship is that I have got

someone who can hear my problems and can bestow upon me the tools to use

for implementing the plan of action we discuss together. This mentorship journey

of mine was so beneficial to me on a personal level because my mentor was my

first friend who has heard my insecurities, my hardships, my secrets, etc.

The impact it created was really positive though it was difficult to overcome them.

2. How would you describe Take Charge in one word?

I describe Take Charge in one word i.e. magnificent.

3. What is your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey?

My best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey was the Mentor Mentee

Day. It was a day well spent. Me and my mentor went on all around the ground and

were meeting different mentor mentee’s and introducing ourselves (pretty much

only he was doing the introductions. I was not very much up to it). I with my

mentor Nigel along with the other mentor mentees formed a group known as the Wild

West. Me and Nigel were the only ones who wore the cowboy’s hat as the theme for

our group. Then we played sporting games and I myself enjoyed it a lot. Had lunch

with a few of my friends. It was a fruitful day that had ended with everyone going

home filled with tons of happy and joyful memories.

4. How has the Take Charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

The Take Charge mentorship helped me prepare for my future in a way that

whenever there’s a problem ahead of me. I have the specific tools to fix the problem.

Tools which will guide me ahead in the future. These tools have been given to me by

Nigel, the workshops held and the meeting of new people. It pretty much created a

map in my head where I know where to start and how I can finish each goal of my

life. The preparation of my future that is ahead of me that I know is quite hard and

torturing but I believe with the help of Nigel as well as what I learnt in the workshops

it was possible for me to be successful. For e.g. the self-love

workshop has taught me how to take care of myself and how to appreciate myself

keeping away the negative thoughts out of your mind. So, in the future I can move

ahead with a positive mind.

5. Why should your friends apply to Take Charge?

I believe so the reason why my friends should apply is because this has really

helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. And if I have gone through this wonderful

journey of mentoring, then I want my friends to experience this wonderful journey as

well. This could really help a lot of my friends and can help them to fix their

difficulties and problems. I mean I have friends who are like chilled and life is perfect

for them, but I know for a fact that they have difficulties. I believe that Take Charge

could be their ray of hope and would be one of the best choices they have made.

Mentee : Simeon Fernandes

Mentor : Nigel Heredia


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