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Caroline Pearl Pereira TC-5

My Destiny, My Choice!

I knew about Take Charge a couple of years back before I could enroll for the

programme. My thoughts at that time were, ‘Do I really need a mentor?’ ‘I know what I want

to do in life.’ Fast forward to 2020-21 when there were announcements about the next Take

Charge intake for the years 2021-23. This time I had some interest in doing the programme,

and after a workshop conducted in our parish, I thought ‘Let’s just give it a shot.’ Months of

baseline questionnaires, interviews, etc. and finally I got the opportunity to join the TC – 5


Like many of the Take Charge mentees I too was confused about what lies ahead in

this programme. Basically, how would this mentor in any way change my life? It is nothing

related to counselling, then what am I going to experience in this programme? We were told

that we would get a mentor who is in some way related to our career path. I first met my

mentor Mr. Ninad Phatarpekar, a retired Officer of the Indian Navy, and now a soft skills

trainer in June ‘21. And then I thought how would Ninad play a role in my teaching career?

Over the first few meetings, my doubts were resolved. We both are very punctual people,

focused on what we want to achieve, and had the spirit to explore. The best way to explain

how my mentor impacted my life is by comparing it to that of moulding clay.

You are given a piece of clay from your mentor and you have a make something

meaningful out of it (your career/life). You mentally prepare yourself to mould something

over conservations, while softening the clay (charting your vision/ goals/dreams) and then

comes the moulding part (working on those goals). As time goes you breakdown the clay into pieces to make your final piece. You keenly start smoothening and shaping those small parts (short term goals). At times you leave some pieces of clay (goals) untouched and at those times your mentor will bring it to your notice. Eventually, after moulding all those small parts and putting them together you have your masterpiece. Your vision or dream becomes a

reality. Something you will be proud to show your mentor and the entire world. Each person

has the power and capability to change and transform his or her life, it comes with having the

courage to undertake, hard work to implement and determination to complete.

Over the course of these two years, I also had the chance of meeting people from

different walks of life over workshops that were conducted. These workshops helped me

grow mentally and emotionally, helping me shape myself for what is to come. It is great

being part of the Take Charge family, where everyone is on a journey of transformation to

their destiny of success.

Lastly to encapsulate this journey, I would like to share this Korean quote that inspires

me the most, ‘Life doesn’t give you a destination, therefore deciding your destiny is not a

Coincidence but a Choice.’ It is your choice to be person you want to be, your choice to

transform yourself. Making Your dreams, Your destiny a living reality and taking charge of

your life is Your choice to make. It’s time You Take Charge!

Caroline Pearl Pereira

Our Lady of the Rosary, Dockyard.

Mentor : Ninad Phaterpaker


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