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Jason D'souza

Mentor - Chandrasekhar Kotian

1. Engaging with TakeCharge has been transformative, chiefly due to the invaluable mentorship I received. My mentor's wealth of life experiences not only provided guidance but also preemptively imparted wisdom that would otherwise take years to accumulate. The anecdotes and insights shared were profoundly meaningful, underscoring my gratitude for being associated with such a prestigious organization.

2. Incomparable is the one word I would like to use to describe TakeCharge.

3. Among the myriad memories with TakeCharge, one standout moment was when my mentor brought his nephew to a meeting. Sharing similar goals and perspectives, it 

offered me a fresh outlook on certain aspects of life. Moreover, gaining a new friend was an unexpected bonus, enriching the experience further.

4. My journey with TakeCharge mentorship has been instrumental in expanding my networks and bolstering my confidence. With a mentor by my side, I now feel equipped to navigate not just my career but all facets of life with assurance and preparedness.

5. I wholeheartedly encourage my friends to apply for TakeCharge. The organization's unique blend of workshops, seminars, and personalized mentorship is unparalleled. Missing out on such an opportunity would be a regrettable oversight, considering the wealth of knowledge and growth potential it offers. There's truly nothing quite like it, making it a must for anyone seeking personal and professional development.


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