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Sanaika Ganesh

Hi am Sanaika Ganesh and my mentor was Sajil Paul.

Take Charge has really been a blessing for me and because of this, I feel so happy and proud of myself today!

1. What's the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

For me it’s not just one but two major benefits that I received! One is where I finally found what I wanted to do and now am finally in my dream college and am so happy about it. I was so lost about how to go about it, where to go, how I would do it. But then at Take charge I met Sajil uncle and omg i tell you  he has helped me so much with everything from college to my career to working on myself. The second is of course myself! Who knew I would even be working on myself but not just my career. Sajil uncle has never made me feel like i don't know stuff he’s made me realise I am more than who i am and we took every small step with everything and now i know who i am and what i want because before take charge i didn't know myself at all nor did i know what i wanted.

2. How would you describe Take Charge in one word?

A blessing

3. What's your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey?

Getting into my dream college and degree!

4. How has the Take Charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

-As i said sajil uncle and me started with baby steps and we went into depth with everything and nothing was left out. He gave me insights into the world of how my surroundings in my career would be and a lot more. He used to make me research a lot and that helped me get a better understanding about what i wanted to do. At first I was so lost and helpless in ways but now I can stand firmly and say that I know what I want right now and with confidence know what I am doing.

5. Why should your friends apply to Take Charge?

I feel they should apply to take charge because I know for sure they will find their way to what they want too. And will be more aware of themselves and what their future holds.


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