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Salomi Correa

1. What's the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

    --> invaluable guidance and personal growth. 

2. How would you describe Take Charge in one word?

   --> LOVELY 

3. What's your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey?

   --> has to be the the one meeting we had in the swimming centre during his daughter's swimming class , was nice to have a glimpse of his life :)

4. How has the Take Charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

   --> initially I took initiative for this mentoring program thinking it would help me with my career goals. But it was definitely MUCH more than that.

It has taught me how life is much more than what's on the foresight. 

Janus Sir was amazing in guiding and keeping the talks fun and meaningful everytime! Learnt how to take stress well and not let it mess around with my head.

5. Why should your friends apply to Take Charge?

   --> would let them know more about themselves and their potential that's usually not really acknowledged by one's own self.


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