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Joseph Dantas TC-5

Myself Joseph Dantas from TC-5 Batch and my Mentor is Mr. Vincent Dsilva.

Following is My Take Charge Story:

Q1. What is the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

The Take Charge Mentorship has benefited me in many ways and has helped me to develop, grow and be skilled. The mentor assigned to me was a source of guidance, support and knowledge transfer.

Q2 . How would you describe Take Charge in one word?

It is an “impactful” life skills and career development programme.

Q3. What's your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey?

Every session with my mentor was memorable because he made it a great learning experience for me. When we met for an hour or two every month, I could realise that my mentor was really well prepared and made sure that I benefit the maximum from the session – I enjoyed the way he used to put across the knowledge and skills I needed to develop myself. I even recollect some of the high impact sessions and workshops conducted on Self-Love, Effective Communication, Resume Building, the Take Charge Team.

Some of the enjoyable learning memories that I would like to highlight are:

1. Trekking to SGNP Park

2. Attending the Monthly Networking Meetings of Christian Entrepreneurs at Dimensions with my mentor

3. The first session with my mentor at a Coffee Shop

4. Getting aware of the concept of Reverse Mentoring

5. Joining with my family for Dinner in the Christmas Season when we were warmly invited by my mentor

6. Last but not the least, the professional experience, tips and skills shared with me by my mentor that resulted in my achieving the award as a highest NPS topper across 7 City locations at my workplace. I have even been shortlisted for a promotion interview for the next level position.

There are many more and the list can go on.

Q4. How has the take charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

I have gained a wider understanding of different perspectives. My mentor made me aware of insights and knowledge on diversity and inclusion, stepping in office AI Technology, and the upcoming competitive market trends in today's corporate environment. I received knowledge, skills and the guidance to progress in my professional career and to move into a new job role. “Reading” has now become my favourite hobby and habit. I have also learnt the virtue of “Generosity” both in terms of monetary value and otherwise. I also understood the importance and got the confidence to study further and that is how I have currently enrolled myself in pursuing my master’s degree which will help me in climbing the corporate ladder in future. I will always remember my mentor’s advice that learning never stops and I will try to learn something new each day. He told me to stay optimistic and have a positive approach, no matter how challenging the task seems to be. He asked me to be careful in hanging around with people having a negative mindset at the workplace as it might hinder my professional growth.

Q5. Why should your friends apply to take charge?

I was guided by a friend from my parish to join Take Charge as a mentee. Having benefited a lot, I would wish that others experience the benefits too. The best part of this program is that the enrolment cost of this program is very low when compared to other self-development programs in the world outside. The value you receive is ‘priceless’. The program is well structured and the team of mentors are renowned professionals who are willing to share their personal and professional experience to help the mentees assigned to them develop the best qualities of mind and heart that would aid their growth and development. A big thank you to the Founder's of the Take Charge platform for coming out with such an initiative for the youngsters of our Christian community so that we get mentored really very well and be successful people in today's society and the future world.

Thank you once again Team!

Regards, Joseph


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