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Glen Fernandes

1. Take Charge has helped me to overcome my introversion and freely engage with others, fostering personal growth both in finance and spirituality through Neil sir's guidance and the program's structured mentorship.


2. Outstanding.

3. Best memory of Take Charge is meeting Neil sir. Right from our very first meeting, Neil Sir has been a constant source of support and guidance, offering invaluable advice that I will always cherish and be grateful for. 

4. Take Charge mentorship has broadened my perspective, allowing me to navigate the competitive environments more effectively and tackle challenges with confidence, enabling me to overcome my fears.

5. I would recommend Take Charge to not only my friends but also to my younger siblings, as it provides invaluable support and guidance for Catholic youths in making informed decisions about their future and careers.

Mentee : Glen Fernandes

Mentor : Neil Francisco


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