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Christelle Pereira

1. What's the biggest benefit you received from Take Charge Mentorship?

Getting a mentor from the  corporate world where I want to pursue my career. 

2. How would you describe Take Charge in one word?


3. What's your best memory of the Take Charge Mentorship journey?

The first in person meeting we had.. It really didn't feel like we were meeting for the first time and spoke for so long on so many topics

4. How has the Take Charge mentorship helped you prepare for your future?

It helped me grow as a person, to be more ambitious in life and not limit myself or refrain from aiming high. It also prepared me on the importance of networking in today's time and boosted my self confidence 

5. Why should your friends apply to Take Charge?

It's very essential to have that 3rd person in your life apart from your parents. Someone who is senior and has experience in the industry who is able to guide and help you in important life decisions and someone who considers you as a very potential being!


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