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The M and m’s Encounter

“The Mentor-Mentee Day,” the day we were eagerly waiting for, was finally held on 29th January 2023 at Stanislaus School grounds, Bandra, organized by the Take Charge Team, which was so beautifully executed. When I learned that TC–5 was having a sports day, I felt so excited. Sports has always been an excellent platform for mentoring relationships to thrive. The Mentor-Mentee Sports Day provided a perfect opportunity for mentors and mentees to bond through healthy competition and teamwork.

What an awesome day it was! We started off by stuffing our tummies with a scrumptious breakfast, ready to take on the exciting day ahead. But before we could get into the games zone, we began with a prayer, setting a positive tone for the day. Then, we got our bodies grooving with a warm-up dance called "Know Your Body Parts." It got everyone up and moving, and we were pumped up for the games!

We were all divided into groups, with most of the mentors and mentees together. But, to make things more exciting, my mentor and I were in different groups, and I couldn't wait to compete against him. The first game was a treasure hunt, where we had to find clues and complete fun challenges, like taking a selfie at a particular spot. It was such a blast! Next up was the quiz on "Take Charge," where we had to use our brains and knowledge to score points. Then, we played "Pass the Ball," followed by a dance to "Choco Latte." We even had to burst balloons by sitting on them! But the real highlight of the day was the sandwich game. Everyone was laughing so hard that their stomachs were hurting, but we were all hungry for more.

Finally, the day ended with mouth watering Biryani and Gulab jamun, which was everyone's favorite. What a fun-filled day it was, where we got to bond with our mentors and mentees and make new memories. It was also an opportunity to foster connections and create lifelong memories. Can't wait for the next Mentor-Mentee Day!

Abigail Fernandes TC 5 Mentee


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