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June Dias

June Dias Head of Department of English - Jai Hind College

"Be Good, Be Kind, Be Strong (This can change, depending on the time of day, day of the week, etc.)"

Hi, I'm June Dias and this is my fourth cohort. I love meeting people and exchanging thoughts with them and that's what drives me to set aside time to have meaningful conversations with my mentees.

2-3 hobbies Reading (my first love), Watching movies (current crush) Travelling (wish more of it was on greener trails, though) Baking (my feel-good go-to), Drama (as spectator and performer).

What inspired me to continue in this profession? The fact that every class can be an inspirational journey for me and my students. I learn a lot even as I teach. The changing nature of every topic keeps me on my toes. The glee on the face of a student who has got an insight has kept me going!

What did you do to achieve it? I keep changing the way I approach topics, give students creative assignments to keep them engaged and teach the way I loved being taught. I had inspiring teachers all along my educational journey and hope to always be one for my students.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor? Meeting young people as a class and as individuals are two disparate experiences. I see how much difference a single conversation with a teenager or child can make. Hope to make that difference in as many young people as possible!

How have you benefited from mentoring? Each of my mentees has helped me be a better person. I apply the insights I gain from mentoring to a lot of other parts I play, whether it's that of daughter, spouse, friend or teacher.


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