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Dr Wilona Annunciation

Dr Wilona Annunciation Consultant Psychiatrist and Emotional Wellbeing Trainer, Catylst

"Work hard, everything will follow!"

2-3 hobbies Swimming, Baking, driving fast cars

What inspired you to be (profession)? I’ve always wanted to work with people and working with their minds seemed to be one of the most creative ways to do that!

What did you do to achieve it? I completed my MBBS from Mumbai and then moved south to do my MD in psychiatry from Mangalore. I’ve also done my Executive MBA from University of Darden, Virginia.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor?

My love for connecting with young minds and learning and growing together through mutually beneficial experiences.

How have you benefited from mentoring?

It has made me a more perceptive and thoughtful human being giving me the opportunity to sit back and observe while discussing with my mentees. It has also highlighted for me areas for growth as some of my mentees have presented me with unique challenges unlike any I’ve faced at the clinic.


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