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Sangeeta Singh

Sangeeta Singh Partner - Sanguine Consultants

"Hardwork, optimism and keep the faith always!"

2-3 hobbies Visiting national parks & forests, reading and playing Mahjong

What inspired you to be (profession)?

At a young age my parents insisted on a good education and achieving financial independence. So, I worked hard at both studies and my career.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor?

I volunteer for children and youth related activities. Children are the future of my country, and if I can do a little bit to help build a good future, I'll consider myself blessed.

How have you benefited from mentoring?

Children and young people have a refreshing candidness in their approach and perspective of life. Their clarity of thought inspires me and their ability to think of multiple paths to success is energizing. Each mentee has given me more than I've given!


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