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Jude Linhares

Jude Linhares Supply Chain Excellence Consultant | Accomplished COO | Mentor & Coach | Entrepreneur

"Be passionate about what you do, high on initiative to drive significant change, with innovative people skills."

Driving Excellence across the Value Chain in the FMCG sector, through Cost Leadership, Quality Management systems,Product development (Foods & HPC) and Packaging Innovations, superior Delivery processes, build to last robust Controls and Compliances, resulting in significant sustainable business benefits, thereby delighting Customers.

Professional experience of over 35 years in the FMCG industry at Board & Sr Management levels, with multinationals from Cadburys , Marico, Reckitt-Benkiser , Dabur (India +International business), Future Consumer.

Hobbies Exploring countries –done over 50 till now , target of 100++

Listening to Old classics (English & Hindi)

Social & Community service –member of Rotary International for last 25yrs

What inspired to do/ be in this profession?

- Managing Complexities , multi-Cultures, Currencies , diversity across the Globe

What did you do to achieve it?

- Unbiased Decision making ,Transparency in communication & Conflict resolution

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor?

- Would like to contribute in a small way give back to the society

How have you benefitted from mentoring?

- Learning from mentee -the new age gizmos, adapt to the fast changing world/lifestyles,etc

- In mentoring my own children. (training sessions has helped)

- Sharing my experiential learnings & competencies, helping transform the mentee into an accomplished person. (on the career front ,as well as better human being )


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