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Joel Pannikot

Joel Pannikot Managing Director (Asia Pacific) CMT Association Founder of Peak You Learn Tech LLP

"Done is better than Perfect" | "Talent does what it can. Genius does what it must"

2-3 hobbies Travel, Food, Movies and Reading

What inspired you to do/ be in this profession?

I found my passion for education while working as a faculty member at an MBA entrance prep coaching class 22 years ago. Our education system lacked focus on introspection and self-awareness, inspiring me to make a change.

What did you do to achieve it?

In my early career, I explored various fields to test my passion for education and discover innovative ways to make a difference. I ventured into event management, music marketing, freelance teaching, and trading interest rate derivatives. I even launched a startup in corporate training, although it no longer exists. Later, I joined Bloomberg, where I spent 7.5 years developing their education strategy in Asia. Afterward, I served as the CEO of a social enterprise startup for a year before taking on my current roles with CMT and Peak You.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor?

My initial motivation for entering education stemmed from a desire to have a mentor who could guide me in introspecting deeply and finding a career aligned with my passions. I wished for a fulfilling work experience where even the challenging aspects would be rewarding learning opportunities.

How have you benefited from mentoring?

My mentees have been an incredible source of learning for me, surpassing my expectations. The perspectives of young people today, shaped by their unique world, constantly amaze me. Connecting with them has improved my coaching effectiveness. I've realized that while I can make some changes, being a supportive observer is also valuable. Across three mentoring cohorts, I have encountered five brilliant minds with untapped potential, and each engagement has taught me something new. Staying in touch with them brings me joy.


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