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Hywell Richard Pinto

Hywell Richard Pinto

Director (Media) - Madison Communications

"Do things that make you happy because life is too short to not have fun!"

Educational Background Bcom, PG in Marketing .

2-3 hobbies Loves to write books (and read them too) / create stories that are out of the box, Offbeat Travelling, Running.

What inspired you to be (profession)? I was always fascinated with the media world, how brands are made and how they persuade consumers to buy them. Brands are like people – they need to stand out and reach out to the right consumers who actually see the benefit in them.

What did you do to achieve it? I was confused if Copywriting or Media planning was my forte. The best way they say is to start working to dispel this confusion. So, after my post-graduation course I worked in both fields for a short time before zeroing in on Media Planning as my career.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor? The fact that I can help the younger generation and also learn from them with regards to trends, their peer pressure and attitudes. I know how confused I was in life and with my career and felt that I could really help someone to find their focus.

Have you benefited from mentoring? Not much, since its still early days but I feel the more we open up, the more comfortable the mentees become.


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