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Asha Almeida

Asha Almeida

Co-Founder and Director - Bioazure Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Empathy is the key to a successful mentoring relationship."

What inspired you to be a Pharma professional and move ahead in the pharma industry as well as delve into entrepreneurship?

Biology has always intrigued me. My dream was to be a doctor and contribute to healing patients. My doctoral thesis gave me a chance to study leprosy bacteria and interact with leprosy patients. That’s when I realised that I would love to have a career in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and contribute to humanity by working in the area of New Drug Discovery for diseases / disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Psoriasis, etc.

And that’s how I started my career in Pharma industry.

What did you do to achieve it?

I always had a hidden desire to start a our own company. We took the plunge in the first decade of the millennium and set up our company with a focus on delivering quality products to not just Pharma but also Biopharma, Diagnostics and Food industry all of which play a critical role in contributing to and maintaining a healthy community.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor?

I believe our youth are the future of this country, this world. They are young, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Thus I believe that investing time with youth is not only fun but also beneficial to the young adults to help them achieve their dreams and aspire for higher goals. At the same time, I also learn from them. It helps me contribute to the future of a healthy and happy society.


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