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Alroy Ralph Lobo

Alroy Ralph Lobo Advisor, Value Creation, Ex-Member Kotak Leadership Team, ex CEO Listed Strategies, Kotak Investment Advisors, Global Head of Equities Asset Management, MD of Kotak Secruities (Institutional Equities)

"Ethics, Integrity, Reliability, Competency, Networking, Decision making and Staying Ahead in the profession."

2-3 hobbies Travelling, Guitar, Reading.

What inspired to do/ be in this profession? Liked analyzing companies for investments in stock markets.

What did you do to achieve it? Qualified myself- MMS Finance and CFA after BE (Mech), Read a lot and met many founders and CxOs across sectors, Mentored and led high quality teams, Analyzed many many companies.

What motivates you to volunteer as a mentor? Like to shorten the process of achieving success for our youth.

How have you benefited from mentoring? Helps me connect with the youth, Getting to know better how the youth think, their fears and anxieties... feel nice that I can play an important role in their success story.


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