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We have four broad objectives for the Take Charge mentoring program:

To be a Role Model & Trusted Friend 
Many of our mentees need more support and guidance from outside their family & friends, which is why the role of the mentor becomes pivotal in their lives. The relationship between the mentor and mentee plays an important role in situations like this. The mentor is expected to be a role model, a trusted friend & guide to the mentee. We expect the mentor to understand the mentee’s hopes, aspirations, needs, issues, challenges, strengths & weaknesses; share personal experiences and life learnings; and create a burning desire to excel. In case the mentor feels that the issue being faced by the mentee needs professional help, the Take Charge team is available to offer appropriate solutions.

To enhance personality development
An important aspect of all-round development is personality development, which includes self-confidence, self-awareness, positive outlook, and communication skills, including social skills and etiquette. The mentor is expected to set an example, so the mentee can learn through interaction and observation. The mentor could introduce the mentee to new experiences and people so that she/he gets exposed to diverse perspectives. The mentor could inculcate values of responsibility and diligence through experience sharing and help the mentee to develop an awareness of the world, including social issues, through discussions on current affairs.

To excel in academics and learn job-related skills & competencies
Every individual has different academic capabilities. We recognise that success and happiness in life does not depend on great academic results in school or college!. Given this background, all our mentees, including those who are not doing well academically, need support & encouragement to excel. Our older mentees have completed their college education but need to continue to develop their skills and competencies. We expect the mentors to encourage their mentees to learn continuously and support them to identify their areas of competence and to excel, especially to pursue non-traditional curriculum choices. The mentor can help the mentee to enrol for online education programs and to inculcate strong study skills, effective self-study habits and time management plan. The mentor would be responsible for advising the mentees on the benefits of continuous education and articulate how this could help to avail better jobs, and eventually succeed in life. 

To make better career choices (not career counselling) 
With the wide choice of career options available today, proper guidance & support for career -related decisions is challenging. The program aims at helping our mentees to make well-informed choices on their future careers. The mentee has the facility of discussing her/his career aspirations and sharing information based on interest & aspiration with her/his mentor. The mentor can also provide her/him with necessary exposure to help make a well-informed decision and to develop skills specific to job search (i.e., interview skills, CV writing). We try to pair mentors and mentees based on current career aspirations of the mentee. Where there are mismatches or if the mentee changes her/his career aspirations, mentors can use their network of professional contacts as well as reach out to other Take Charge mentors to help the mentee make better career choices.


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