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What we do today shapes what we become tomorrow.

The youth of today are our tomorrow.

Unleashing their potential by challenging them and giving them the tools to attain their dreams, is what we are here to do.

We, at Take Charge, are empowered by the community we serve. We believe it is time to give back in full measure hence this initiative which is run by the St. Joseph Centre of Excellence.

Ranging from Civil Services to Banking, Advertising, Marketing, Education, Finance, to mention a few, our agenda is to expand horizons and guide our Catholic youth to strive for excellence.

We are here to raise aspirations, build relationships and help young people prepare for the real world.

We breed opportunities for the youth to build a network for greater learning.

It’s time for you to decide. To realise your hopes and dreams. To take charge.

We engage.  We inspire.  We empower.


“When I was just a little child, I asked my parents, what will I be?”

That was childhood.

Now, what are you excellent at?

A list of maybe's. Maybe?

We support the saying ‘it's easy to dream’.

 It’s easy to be passionate about almost anything, whether that is singing, photography or cracking a joke.

But turning a passion into your career is the ultimate dream.

The one dream youth give up on. Easily. " It's not possible. Why try?" is the most common excuse.

We at, Take Charge, are simply ask, “Why not?”

Yes! It’s hard work, and there are challenges around every corner. Passion alone isn't enough. It must be combined with knowledge, guidance and support to make your passion possible.

That's why we exist.

Together, we can colour out of the lines and erase the boundaries.
You don't have to do it alone.

Remarkable things happen when people pursue their passions.





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