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St. Joseph Trust Awards for Academic Excellence

The Annual Awards for Academic Excellence of the St. Joseph Education and Technical Training Trust was held on Saturday, 18th February 2023 at the Crystal Hall, Antonio da Silva, Dadar. A thanksgiving mass was celebrated in gratitude for all the blessings showered on us.

Anthony D’Souza, welcomed the gathering and traced the history of the Trust and the services it rendered. The Trust has instituted awards for young achievers. The Take Charge Mentorship programme is an initiative of the Trust, in association with the Archdiocese of Bombay and has mentored over 450 plus youth till date.

Cheryl Pereira, emphasized the importance of passion, perseverance and hard work but, above all, the one quality vital for success was Grit – sticking to your future, come what may. ‘Pronoia’, the belief that the universe is working for you is helpful to achieve success.

Nalini Pinto, spoke about resilience, patience and creativity. There is no alternative to hard work and a belief that the best is yet to come. Students should do what they love and love what they do.

Warren, a past BCSA awardee, an IIM Bangalore graduate, motivated students to do an MBA from a top university, stating its importance from a) brand name perspective, b) Job opportunities, c) networking, and the d) the financial remuneration. He stressed on the importance of a mentor and acknowledged his mentor played a big role in his all-round personal and professional development.

Brian Almeida, helmed the event, and proposed the vote of thanks.


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